6/23- Bull City Wicks & Wax Candle Pouring Experience @ 11am

6/23- Bull City Wicks & Wax Candle Pouring Experience @ 11am

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Our candle-making parties last 90 minutes and candles will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to solidify. While your candles are solidifying, we’ll play games, eat, enjoy beverages and fellowship!


  • 90 Minutes of Candle Making & FUN 
  • Candle Making Supplies: Soy Wax, 1 Ceramic 12 oz Candle, Cotton Wicks, Fragrance Oils, Thermometer, Pour Can, Stirrer, Warning Labels, Candle Labels, etc.
  • Dedicated Wax Chandler
  • Candle Burning Tips to Encourage a Long-Lasting Bold Scent!

*Let’s Get Started: This event is designed to give you an in-depth opportunity to submerge into the world of candle making. It is my hope that you will gain knowledge of the candle making process by providing you with a fun, and creative space to create your own candles from the guidance of your candle connoisseur. This experience is one of a kind and I would like to provide you with the best experience.

*Pour Session: You will select your desired fragrances from “The Raw Edition Cocktail Menu," which, offers suggested blends that complement each other for a harmonious fragrance, before being led through each step of the candle pouring process. 
You will receive 1- 12 oz ceramic candle vessel, cotton wick, warning label, and all other necessary supplies to make your very own candle. It will take your candles approximately about 45 mins to 1 hour from your pour time to set. 

*While You Wait: Take some time to listen to a curated playlist, play some games, enjoy a drink/snack, or step outside and wander over to local eateries in Old East Durham.  To top it off, take a picture in the shop & tag us to let your friends know you just poured HAPPINESS in a glass!

Location: 304 S. Driver Street Unit 103, Durham, NC